Entry #1

I'm terribly sorry

2016-07-03 08:49:23 by Blacky91

I'm sorry I've been so insanely inactive here! I've just been so busy with writing and working my part time job that I haven't had the time nor inspiration to draw.

I did however start a little Naruto based art and a nude picture of one of my characters will hopefully be finished this month, but I can't make any promises. :(


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2016-07-03 10:18:56

maybe you should go fucking work at your job and stay the fuck away from poor people who have nothing but fucking art as you fucking ruin it with all rich bastard money and bayblon christian satinsim

Blacky91 responds:

Tempting, but nah. I like spreading my 'Babylon Christian satanism' it's really quite fun. BTW, Satan says hi.


2016-07-03 11:31:19

I'm sure he speaks through people like you all the time. The Lord Rubuke You Witch.

Blacky91 responds:

Oh, he does more than just speak through me ;) but seriously, are you high or something?


2016-07-03 11:42:16

I think God Has a Better Idea "Fuck a Cow, Fuck a Cow" and Eat it's Bullshit.

Blacky91 responds:

Oh I agree, God did have a better idea. Everyone starts off awful; see, first he made man and realized how bad that idea was, so he proceeded to fuck a cow and eat bullshit to get high enough to come up with a new idea.
That's when he made you and once the buzz wore off he realized that making you was an even shittier idea than the first.
Then, somewhere down the line, after many failed attempts of creating something better than all of his previous failures, he finally made me.


2016-07-03 11:57:57

Yea but those were ribs spoiled so he injected my right nut wtih project x octane in jail one day and told me to walk the path of 2000 thousand angels and that one day I would marry a real angel and her children would be mine to raise and in some space time accident I have already gotten her pregnat in a dream

true story, don't beleive me, wanna bet, your not allowed...

Blacky91 responds:

Yeah, you definitely took something that your stomach didn't agree with. Ah well, not my problem, you've served your purpose of making me giggle uncontrollably about the nonsense you commented.


2016-07-03 12:19:58

just remember with all the socalled "nosence" I make it only took one penny worth of american cents to free the slaves and start the civill war, yet for all the money they made it amounted to the leagel slavery of the black man only this time his job was to bust bocks in prison.

Blacky91 responds:

Just remember that the one penny it took to start all that, is exactly one number larger than the amount of fucks I can give :) I even have a rhyme for it!

I will not give them on a boat,
I will not give them in an oak.
I will not give them here or there,
I will not give them anywhere.
I do not give a fuck you see
Now go away and leave me be.